What We’re Reading & Watching

We stayed up to watch the new food and health documentary “Hungry for Change” last night while it was available for a free online screening.  No worries though, if you missed it, it remains available on Netflix.

And while you’re on Netflix, here’s a great list of other worthwhile documentaries as recommended by the Nature Moms blog.

We’re starting a list of favorite food, health, nutrition and sustainable food system books and films.  To get started, here’s an initial Pinterest Board of books.

What we’re watching now: HBO’s documentary The Weight of the Nation.  Watch the trailer, then put away the snacks, and get comfortable for a lengthy but essential viewing for our times.

If this concerns you anything like it does me, you’ll want to listen to the recent NPR’s On Point hour about the news that in less than a decade, diagnosis of teenage pre-diabetes and diabetes has jumped from 9% to a shocking 23%!  This is mostly type 2 diabetes, the variety which has always been called “adult onset” diabetes.  With rates this high before the age of twenty, it is no longer an illness reserved for adults.

For more watchable information, we highly recommend Food Matters.  Created by fellow IIN graduates (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Food Matters offers a series of fact-packed food and health documentary films.

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